LIAR, LIAR, S/METER ON FIRE: Facts Versus Theory

How Is This Not Smart Arson?
Nope, the bank of smart meters is not a picture of your locks on their meters.
It is a picture of their locks on your meter base.
And no, those other pictures are not of the Elephant Man.
Those melted gobs are what is left after an uninsurable, non UL approved, non CSA compliant, multiple frequency enabling device they are calling a smart meter burns down your home or business.
The global installation of smart meters is being carried out almost exclusively by temporary worker amateur labourer who reply to Craigslist and other similar want ads which state “No Experience Necessary”.
Installation is then done in a big hurry, not only to get a bonus for how fast you can go, but to avoid the risk of electrocution, caused by installing while your whole house wiring is “hot”, meaning it’s under live load.
Live load installations precipitate serious problems since the rush to install fast tends to bend meter base prongs, causing ongoing arcing, pitting and metal corrosion. That in turn can lead to burning buildings.
Meanwhile all utilities operate using the same script, blaming YOU, the owner for any and all fires. They all parrot the same corporate indifference to their own criminal actions, and all say as one that in every instance YOUR meter covered meter base was the sole cause of any and all frequency precipitated and electricity fed fires.
In reality, fires often result from rapid metal corrosion from microwave “smart” frequencies never meant to pass through unshielded meter bases nor meant to ever couple to unshielded house wiring – ………along with grabbing on to your own unshielded bioelectrical wiring. Your coaxial cable has a coating to five it protection from frequency conflict, for this very reason.
You, however, have NO protection.
Electromagnetism precipitates good old fashioned electrical induction.
That is what causes EHS – far better known as “microwave sickness”.
Electrical induction is measurable science, it’s not arguable.
As for the telecom industry: It is against the law to electrically induce people and heat their bodies for profit.
This means that the electrical science behind EMF harm is  the one science that goes right around all academic opinion because it is the inherent nature of electricity as peer reviewed practical science that there is literally no room for error. It is a concrete science, not a hypothesis.
With applied electrical science … one false move and you may end up dead.
So black & white electrical science is unique among sciences because it is not simply theoretical.
Electrical induction is ILLEGAL.
Utilities are electrically inducing everything in the entire ecosystem,
What are you going to do about this?

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