Oh, The Damage Done

Simply put, it’s not just the meter, it’s the frequencies the meter enables which couple to house wiring & turn occupants into involuntary conductors coupled into the smart grid & subject to electromagnetically precipitated electrical induction. Electrical science is not theoretical. The induction can be seen using thermography. All of this is against the law. It’s illegal to electrically induce people, for profit or otherwise. The meter also contains an SMPS (switching mode power supply) capable of generating spikes which surge up to 70,000 gigahertz & back. Surges & spikes are even more dangerous. The real point is that these frequencies are completely illegal. They depolarize nerves & muscles, induce neurological & cognitive impairment, and gradual bio-electrical failure. The meters are cheap, planned  obsolescence, plastic computers which contain software able to estimate ambient electromagnetism (the meter’s own filed, your neighbour’s meter, dissipated electricity that goes to ground) as if this were “usage”, converting real usage into virtual usage rather than measuring actual usage in real time. (Imagine if your bank decided to lobby to make it legitimate heceforth to “estimate” the amount in your bank account at any given minute and to use variable rates of interest that changed from minute to minute. Remotely reprogrammable software is able to do this, as well as to overwrite its own tracks and “disappear” what may or may not be your real actual usage data, removing it electronically from your own oversight. Same goes for the in home display, since it runs on the same software, also wireless, also controlled by the utility. So while analog meters are self evident and are easily understood and accessible to the customer, s/meters are absolutely the opposite, since all control is invisibly shifted over to the corporate side of the table and all transparency in this transaction equation evaporates. Any way to verify what is and is not your actual usage disappears. Instead you are told and expected to “trust” the utility to be honest.

These meters also generate static electricity fields & are able to measure as usage these as well as all kinds of other energetic frequencies which you and I will never use. These plastic computers round up each partial kilowatt hour and change the rate in mid use. Try to imagine any of this this happening at the gas pump.

To test this out, film a s/meter for awhile. Then throw off the master switch and continue to film the s/meter. Ask yourself why it continues to measure “usage” at the same rate even when you are conpletely disconnected fromt he grid. Try doing this for days of weeks at a time using an off grid solar or other power outage system. Same deal.

The grid radiates from every single part of itself,  routers/collector hubs, the cell relay meters, even the towers powered by electricity which right now fail to comply with international Safety Codes. Every aspect of the smart grid makes all of it a global illegal system intended to transfer your assets away from you and into corporate pockets, with zero accountability. Just try to prove this is not the case. Good luck. There is nothing more inaccessible than your data, once they have taken it without your permission.

As for risk? People have been encouraged to focus solely on the meter on their own home instead of zooming back to see the whole grid. The cumulative radiation emissions are called the attenuation coefficient. It exceeds all safety codes, all building codes, all electrical harmonics allowance codes, & far more.

You cannot be robbed without your own collusion. ImageIs anyone still having trouble understanding the term “illegal”?


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