What OTHER Purposes Would A Global Smart Grid Serve?

While the issue of surveillance & cost is debated, much more than your financial well being is being usurped.
As savvy economist Erik Anderson informs Raif Mair on Youtube, these computer devices are part of the green masked Enronization of the entire energy & water essential services enchilada, right under our noses. Corporations are breaking laws left, right & centre, while socializing all costs & losses but privatizing all profits. Who but us is there to stop them by using or losing the laws created to protect us? 
When utilities & government are hand in glove, that is fascism. Just ask Mussolini. We are witnessing criminal use of our taxes to transfer wealth, to scour out until empty our personal holdings/savings, while using our money to construct a lethal weapons global system. 
Surely survival should be the first priority?
In fact what else should matter besides the fact that (in the case of public utilities) your own property is stolen & in its place is installed & locked down a weapons delivery system device? 
Smart grid nodes like Medusas & routers are designed to “go the distance”. They don’t come to a screeching halt at your service panel/circuit box. Cumulatively these grid nodes enable fully illegal weaponized frequencies, issuing from what they & we continue to mislabel a “meter”. 
The trick is to not lose focus & get sidetracked into debate about how much the device is overcharging. It will charge & exceed all limits, that is a given. 
Meanwhile  the urgent issue is electromagnetic frequencies which are inducing every inch of everything biological. The ecosystem upon which we utterly depend is under assault, electrically inducing, in fact targeting, loved ones, children pets, birds, bats, bees, butterflies, precipitating slow motion electrical failure while lining the pockets of telecom industries & pharma corporations as well as doctors who have not taken continuing educational upgrade credits for EMF induced multiple symptoms of physical decline,  & who continue to fail to realize that microwave sickness is not only lethal, it’s not new, it’s approx. 80 years old.
It seems key to stay focused, to challenge the illegality itself of using frequencies to depolarize all creatures’ nerves & muscles & to forcibly flip the switches for  bodies, the nerves, on & off billions of times a second like a strobe light. 
Surely the aim of corporate propaganda is to divide & rule, is to distract & redirect & blur boundaries, to lie, trick & deceive us into debating irrelevancies about whether frequency graphing exists, all the while falling into the trap of aping industry lingo by calling this frequency delivery device a “meter”. 
According to Weights and Measures law, any energy usage measurement device must measure real time measurements. 
This device does not do that. 
It’s running on estimation software, it’s not a “meter”. Test it. 
Go off grid after tracking how the device runs. Shut off all electricity for a time. Observe the “meter. We have found it often speeds even faster. It is no different than the spaceship computer Hal in 2001, “Sorry Dave, I can’t do that”.   
It is a computer locked on to a UL approved base the property owner owns. It is often installed by some unqualified youthful temp employee, “No Experience Necessary”, who is “charged” with messing with your entire electrical system under hot load while paid piece work, fast jamming into a live base bendable prongs, which could arc, pit, corrode, & delay a spark ignition of the static field around this device, all without any requirement for a forensic post install arc assessment. On they move, bonuses over 30 installations, incentive based speed of installations, every last one done under live load. 
So what have we got so far? 
Trespass, refusal of transparency, illegal contractual default, misuse of easement “rights”, theft, demolition of property, intimidation, protection racketeering sans protection,violation of 4th Amendment/Chart of Rights & Freedoms, property rights, potential arson, plus.. locked on enabler of weaponized frequencies. 
Isn’t it time to debate something besides one more electronic deception system, a Diebold type non transparent system’s penchant for drastic over billing, deception which is a corporate given?
All biology is becoming daily more frequency induced & navigationally & cognitively impaired? 
In BC it has been legally established that we own the analog meters they steal & destroy. 
Citizens are  issuing registered letters of Notices of Contractual Default right now. Hydro is being separately legally challenged for its lack of the authority to implement any of this, let alone to steal and demolish privately owned analogue meters (hence the Notice of Contractual Default. 
Stop being deceived into focusing on one single device of many. A Medusa cell relay on your house covers 125 square miles. A smart “meter” covers 21 square miles. And then there are the routers/ aggregators /collector hubs. Not to mention the smart towers. Add up  the cumulative frequencies of all nodes of the grid, not just what one node’s frequencies are capable of doing. Inside flammable plastic housing sans UL approval is remotely reprogrammable software able to overwrite, disappear its own tracks & actions, able to register as “usage” its own self generated fields, able to pull off illegal non real time usage as it overwrites its own virtual “estimates” of “usage”. But more to the point it uses weapons grade frequencies to steal your remaining assets. And once they are gone, who needs you? Certainly not a rapacious corporate entity.  

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