Why You CAN Say NO To A Smart Meter

“They looked at their database and kept quoting that the smart meters are safe and within ARPANSA’s safety limits.”

What people are actually witnessing everywhere is corporate contractual default. You’ve never consented to allow your unshielded house wiring to be used & degraded by microwaves, co-opted & converted into a network data mining & energy harvesting corporate business location.

The utilities are in full violation of contractual law. They have fundamentally changed the nature of the relationship to the customer, – without consent.

Please research & understand that they, not you, are in full violation of multiple contractual laws. Defend your legal & property rights. Frequencies enabled by & generated from s/meters are already fully illegal.

Besides which, smart meters are simply end devices in a system that is also operating outside all international safety & property laws.

Every single s/meter covers 21 sq miles w/ weapons grade microwave frequency radiation.

Every single collector hub covers 125 to 300 sq miles.

Every one of the fields each component generates radically overlaps with all the other fields generated by all the other components.

This is a form of biological warfare. These frequencies violate all international safety codes. No one can escape the Wimax “blanket. It is like trying to outrun Agent Orange,  & it is intended to eliminate all dead signal zones, while simultaneously creating biological dead zones by combining frequencies from router collector hubs, Medusa collector meters, smart towers, signal relay bouncers, etc.


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