The entire smart grid system is ILLEGAL as applied.

Inquiring minds might want to ask a few more questions such as:

1)Why are these devices allowed to be used when they are uninsurable, non UL & non CSA approved, & inspected self policed only by the manufacturer, all of which under statute law Hydro can say is just fine? 
2) Since when does Measurement Canada law permit an energy measurement device to be operated remotely while it purports to measure not only electromagnetic static fields in the neighbourhood but dissipated energy, meaning current which goes to ground prior to reaching the meter, all of this recorded as virtual customer “usage”, facilitated by software designed to “estimate” usage in a manner potentially unrelated to real time actual usage – unlike the analog meter? 
3) Since the device on your home can be remotely programmed, reprogrammed & made to do potentially all manner of data mining, data manipulation & more, why is it legal for Hydro to be able to remotely write, rewrite, & overwrite this disposable plastic computer’s software? “Smart” software can manipulate, augment, disappear &/or reprogram anything, all with no oversight.
4) Why have these frequency enabling devices been reported to keep right on running, & even speed up while they continue to measure “usage”, even after a homeowner has thrown off the master switch to his own circuit panel & then continues to leave the home totally disconnected from grid sourced power?
5) What is the exact attenuation co-efficient of all components of the live active full load smart grid?
6) Why is BC Hydro exempt from accountability to the Canadian Electrical Code & only answerable to the Utilities Code?
7) If hidden software adjustments are not disclosed, what ELSE isn’t being disclosed about what the supplier is able to do regarding “usage” measurement & data mining.
8) Since when is a public agency such as BC Hydro, which is working for the public & the shareholder/customer, legally able to withhold the techs & specs for all frequency enabling grid components & devices? 
9) How is any of this about informed consent?

10) Has anyone asked how in the hell any electrical engineer could ever create any complete frequency equation when so many key elements are not considered, from towers on the grid circuit right through to the end device called a smart meter?
With these multi directional transmitters called smart meters, we now become part of one continuous global looped  system, at which point we are no longer simply end users of energy. Instead, our personal data is now beyond our control to protect, once relocated on to the internet,  unlike with your own computer, which offers protection from the dangers of the internet.
11) Why would anyone grant permission for BC Hydro to use corrosive microwaves able to rapidly deteriorate one’s entire unshielded house circuitry, while your house wiring is now used as an business location for data mining and, in the case of cell relay meters (which of course are not meters at all), installed on every 22nd home covertly and no different than having a smart tower substation extension of Hydro’s microwave transmitting public power transmission system locked on to the side of your home on your private property?
12) Has anyone visualized the overview of what is taking place here? 
Picture a whole series of concentric overlapping frequency circles, each one representing the “signal coverage” of one component of the smart grid. Smart towers can cover hundreds of miles. Satellites used to collect personal data are 22,000 to 30,000 miles away. Every single video & audio equipped (why?) collector hubs/routers on utility poles is designed to microwave blanket up to 300 sq. miles. 
Every 22nd home has a covert cell relay Medusa meter, each one of which microwave blankets 125 sq. miles.
 How many times over does every circle intersect withy every other circle in this microwave blanket coverage?
Then consider all other additional components such as signal relay bouncers/aggregators, etc.. Every one of these is designed to exceed the distance each one is meant to blanket in order to overlap the microwaves with every other source of microwaves.
Since the goal of the smart grid is to achieve microwave radiation blanketing of the entire global ecosystem “to avoid loss of signal”, there is no way any of this is compliant w/ Safety Code Six,  BC or National Building Codes or the Canadian Electrical Code laws.
In short, the entire system is ILLEGAL as applied.

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