The entire smart grid system is ILLEGAL as applied.

Inquiring minds might want to ask a few more questions such as:

1)Why are these devices allowed to be used when they are uninsurable, non UL & non CSA approved, & inspected self policed only by the manufacturer, all of which under statute law Hydro can say is just fine? 
2) Since when does Measurement Canada law permit an energy measurement device to be operated remotely while it purports to measure not only electromagnetic static fields in the neighbourhood but dissipated energy, meaning current which goes to ground prior to reaching the meter, all of this recorded as virtual customer “usage”, facilitated by software designed to “estimate” usage in a manner potentially unrelated to real time actual usage – unlike the analog meter? 
3) Since the device on your home can be remotely programmed, reprogrammed & made to do potentially all manner of data mining, data manipulation & more, why is it legal for Hydro to be able to remotely write, rewrite, & overwrite this disposable plastic computer’s software? “Smart” software can manipulate, augment, disappear &/or reprogram anything, all with no oversight.
4) Why have these frequency enabling devices been reported to keep right on running, & even speed up while they continue to measure “usage”, even after a homeowner has thrown off the master switch to his own circuit panel & then continues to leave the home totally disconnected from grid sourced power?
5) What is the exact attenuation co-efficient of all components of the live active full load smart grid?
6) Why is BC Hydro exempt from accountability to the Canadian Electrical Code & only answerable to the Utilities Code?
7) If hidden software adjustments are not disclosed, what ELSE isn’t being disclosed about what the supplier is able to do regarding “usage” measurement & data mining.
8) Since when is a public agency such as BC Hydro, which is working for the public & the shareholder/customer, legally able to withhold the techs & specs for all frequency enabling grid components & devices? 
9) How is any of this about informed consent?

10) Has anyone asked how in the hell any electrical engineer could ever create any complete frequency equation when so many key elements are not considered, from towers on the grid circuit right through to the end device called a smart meter?
With these multi directional transmitters called smart meters, we now become part of one continuous global looped  system, at which point we are no longer simply end users of energy. Instead, our personal data is now beyond our control to protect, once relocated on to the internet,  unlike with your own computer, which offers protection from the dangers of the internet.
11) Why would anyone grant permission for BC Hydro to use corrosive microwaves able to rapidly deteriorate one’s entire unshielded house circuitry, while your house wiring is now used as an business location for data mining and, in the case of cell relay meters (which of course are not meters at all), installed on every 22nd home covertly and no different than having a smart tower substation extension of Hydro’s microwave transmitting public power transmission system locked on to the side of your home on your private property?
12) Has anyone visualized the overview of what is taking place here? 
Picture a whole series of concentric overlapping frequency circles, each one representing the “signal coverage” of one component of the smart grid. Smart towers can cover hundreds of miles. Satellites used to collect personal data are 22,000 to 30,000 miles away. Every single video & audio equipped (why?) collector hubs/routers on utility poles is designed to microwave blanket up to 300 sq. miles. 
Every 22nd home has a covert cell relay Medusa meter, each one of which microwave blankets 125 sq. miles.
 How many times over does every circle intersect withy every other circle in this microwave blanket coverage?
Then consider all other additional components such as signal relay bouncers/aggregators, etc.. Every one of these is designed to exceed the distance each one is meant to blanket in order to overlap the microwaves with every other source of microwaves.
Since the goal of the smart grid is to achieve microwave radiation blanketing of the entire global ecosystem “to avoid loss of signal”, there is no way any of this is compliant w/ Safety Code Six,  BC or National Building Codes or the Canadian Electrical Code laws.
In short, the entire system is ILLEGAL as applied.

Think About Essential Changes Now – While You Are Still Able To Think At All


Utilities everywhere have become more like crack dealers, a protection racket that does not even offer protection from its own abuses, so convinced have they become that we cannot do without the power of the electricity they control and wish to ration.

Well if energy rationing is what may lie ahead for our future on grid, then why not try out rationing ourselves instead?

Here is the real point: By the time we are down to being treated like helpless, dependent, malleable power junkies and by the time we and our homes and our electrical systems are now considered as linked and interchangeable, even as disposable commodities, isn’t it also about time to examine exactly how important it has become to do what we can to kick our own personal electricity addiction and dependence on power utilities who don;t give a damn?

Stop thinking that the government is there to protect you. That ship has sailed. You are the person you can rely on, not some fake father figure of a pathological or indifferent wannabe leader you mistakenly voted for who promptly forgot you the second they got a taste of power – or worse, corruption.

If off grid is not an option, then why not consider just how close we can get to that longed for independence from utility abuse of power, figuratively and literally?

If a duplication of the way we live now is out of reach, perhaps a simplified approach is an option, a chance to begin to determine the difference between our electrical wants and our electrical needs?

If not electrical heating and cooking, how much could we use outdoor propane instead, to cook or even stay warm.

Sure they can and are smart metering natural gas and water (and air if they could) but so far not well water or bulk propane.

How about, prior to considering any purchase we stop to consider which items make us more electricity reliant, by first asking ourselves, “Would I still want, need or even use this item if I was living an ultra simple life, or even an off grid life?”

And for those who are not able, willing or prepared to go off grid, ask yourselves what you found you could do without most easily during the last prolonged power outage you went through.

Was there anything you actually liked about being without power for awhile? Did anyone notice how much more quiet it seemed? Is there something to be learned from life beyond the confines of electricity?

Okay, sure, most of us are not ready to live an Amish lifestyle, admirable as that way of life may be beginning to look these days to those who are fed up with utility brow beating and rampant abuse and illegal behaviour regarding forcing people on to a dangerous, invasive, hackable, expensive smart grid they neither want nor need.

Still, … even if we only want to hang on to the simplicity of our electromechanical analog meter or a low energy demand way of life, why not take advantage right now of what that might mean in earnest, in the near future? And in the meantime there is no harm in trying to use far less?

There’s no need for simplifying to mean we have to suffer or feel pushed into excess austerity. Simplicity can become its own kind of freedom.

As long as we keep our energy bills paid up in full, the risk of losing an essential service like electrical power for a brief while – that is, if they dare to cut our energy off, at least until the utilities are then ordered to return the supply, is not the end of the world if we rehearse alternatives in advance. Not that big a deal, if you decide to try it on it before it ever happens.

A mere inconvenience, especially if any prolonged power outages have been planned for in advance.

One can always find ways to adapt. Little changes, starting with small things, … maybe solar dock lights left on window sills to provide evening ambient lighting, solar garden lights used indoors at night to read by, maybe make a few a home made solar panels put together, glued to plywood and covered with plexiglass and framed, comprised from bulk purchase of individual solar cells. Or even buy a real one or two, now that solar panel prices have dropped by 75%. It is not difficult to invest in a bit of wind-up lighting and a crank radio, maybe  stock up on easy to prepare basics that cook easily and store well, to have on hand a few safe candles, maybe some 12 volt led lights or a battery lantern.

How different would this really be from going off camping in an RV with no hookups? And if one is able to afford a small quiet EU Honda generator, a gas miser one with enough power to heat water or run a fridge or freezer that is then wrapped in sleeping bags for days on end until the next time it gets chilled down. How about a decent zero clearance wood stove used to keep warm, as well as doubling as a way to cook? Got a spare BBQ outside the door? Maybe a couple or so coolers to keep on a covered outside porch as a form of refrigeration in winter? Perhaps try out a block of ice in a deep dishpan kept in a fridge that has been unplugged on purpose?

Maybe there need be no sense of shock as the transition to the advantages and sense of self sufficiency of a life of greater simplicity gradually takes hold.

Electricity is wonderful, sure, but let’s face it, affordable power is soon coming to an end. The greed used to determine the future price of electricity is about to force each kilowatt to skyrocket, and that way of life will become overpriced in more ways than one.

The routine extortion and discomfort associated these days with maintaining any no longer decent relationship with a utility corporation is about to get MUCH worse.

Really, the writing is on the wall. It is getting to be time to consider a divorce from energy providers, isn’t it?

So if it’s possible why not safely rehearse the post electric life right now? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Warning: Just don’t use any gas or volatile oils or tippy candles or propane devices or kerosene lamps or any other toxic or unsafe items indoors.

Stay safe while you make it a point if doable to explore alternatives to electrical dependency, if this is at all possible.

It certainly beats losing the freedom to choose.

That is a life not worth having.

The Stuff Of Science Fiction Is Actually Weaponized Military Fact


Eldon Byrd, a scientist for the Naval Surface Weapon Centre, USN, in one of his lectures in 1986 on the effects of microwaves stated: 
‘We can alter the behaviour of tissues, cells, organs and whole organisms…. you can cause up to six times higher foetus mortality and birth defects in laboratory animals, and these fields are so weak you can hardly detect them…
You can do genetic engineering with ELF [extremely low frequency] weak magnetic fields without micro-surgical techniques that are currently employed to do genetic engineering.
It is known how to induce malignant diseases in human cells and how to cure them. 
You can entrain human beings’ brain waves across a room with a very weak magnetic field.’

The Microwave Killing Fields

“Green” Microwaves,
Global Warming Cultdom,
BC Hydro
& Agenda 21
Back in ’03, a fellow teacher and I
had registered as intervenors
at B.C. Hydro’s first hearing
on rate increases.
This hearing was to reveal
Gordon Campbell’s disastrous
“energy plan.”
Buried in the hundreds of pages of
information, handed to us, were some revealing numbers. The energy plan would be buying privately generated electricity

at over $0.12 per kilowatt-hour,

well above the half-cent per

kilowatt-hour that it was

costing Hydro to generate power,

from its own “heritage resources.”

Nine years later, we have two tar

sands bitumen pipelines

proposed for this province.

These will add giant loads to

Hydro’s grid and they will be

enjoying a huge subsidy,

courtesy of B.C. Hydro

and its ratepayers.

You see, Hydro’s industrial rate,

even for new accounts,

is only about 4.4 cents

per kilowatt-hour but,


latest call for private power

is offering 12.4 cents a


Hence, the pipelines are on track

to get

a subsidy of $0.08 per kilowatt-hour.

Electrical demand figures

obtained for Enbridge’s highly

disputed Northern Gateway Project

are staggering;

77 megawatts for condensate

pumping and 116 MW

for the bitumen pumping.

This adds to 193 MW which far

outstrips B.C. Hydro’s largest

customer, Highland Valley Copper

with its power demand of 120 MW.

Gateway will consume power

at the same rate as about

200,000 homes.

B.C.’s second bitumen pipeline,

Kinder Morgan’s

Trans Mountain expansion, is

skillfully flying under

the radar in terms of scrutiny.

However, a proportional

comparison with the

Northern Gateway,

based on length

and pumping capacity,

yields an estimated power


of 230 MW.

Together, these two

pipeline projects will consume

10 million kilowatt-hours a day

and they will add over

420 Megawatts of base power

demand, to the grid.

They will obtain a daily

operating subsidy of $800,000

and an annual subsidy of $292

million, courtesy of B.C. Hydro.

Eric Andersen, a retired federal

government economist

from Galiano Island, has analyzed

Hydro’s cash flow situation

and he concludes that it is

headed for bankruptcy.

This is hardly surprising

when marginal energy sales don’t

cover the cost of marginal

power purchases.

There will be beneficiaries

to this situation;

the pipeline companies,

the private power producers

and the corporate interests

that will eventually pick up

B.C. Hydro for pennies

on the dollar.


A simple search on Google Scholar
(which searches for only
scholarly articles and papers):
First: General Radio Frequency
radiation… not an issue.
Comparative Study of Cell CycleKinetics and Induction ofApoptosis or Necrosis after

Exposure of Human Mono

Mac 6 Cells to Radiofrequency


LIAR, LIAR, S/METER ON FIRE: Facts Versus Theory

How Is This Not Smart Arson?
Nope, the bank of smart meters is not a picture of your locks on their meters.
It is a picture of their locks on your meter base.
And no, those other pictures are not of the Elephant Man.
Those melted gobs are what is left after an uninsurable, non UL approved, non CSA compliant, multiple frequency enabling device they are calling a smart meter burns down your home or business.
The global installation of smart meters is being carried out almost exclusively by temporary worker amateur labourer who reply to Craigslist and other similar want ads which state “No Experience Necessary”.
Installation is then done in a big hurry, not only to get a bonus for how fast you can go, but to avoid the risk of electrocution, caused by installing while your whole house wiring is “hot”, meaning it’s under live load.
Live load installations precipitate serious problems since the rush to install fast tends to bend meter base prongs, causing ongoing arcing, pitting and metal corrosion. That in turn can lead to burning buildings.
Meanwhile all utilities operate using the same script, blaming YOU, the owner for any and all fires. They all parrot the same corporate indifference to their own criminal actions, and all say as one that in every instance YOUR meter covered meter base was the sole cause of any and all frequency precipitated and electricity fed fires.
In reality, fires often result from rapid metal corrosion from microwave “smart” frequencies never meant to pass through unshielded meter bases nor meant to ever couple to unshielded house wiring – ………along with grabbing on to your own unshielded bioelectrical wiring. Your coaxial cable has a coating to five it protection from frequency conflict, for this very reason.
You, however, have NO protection.
Electromagnetism precipitates good old fashioned electrical induction.
That is what causes EHS – far better known as “microwave sickness”.
Electrical induction is measurable science, it’s not arguable.
As for the telecom industry: It is against the law to electrically induce people and heat their bodies for profit.
This means that the electrical science behind EMF harm is  the one science that goes right around all academic opinion because it is the inherent nature of electricity as peer reviewed practical science that there is literally no room for error. It is a concrete science, not a hypothesis.
With applied electrical science … one false move and you may end up dead.
So black & white electrical science is unique among sciences because it is not simply theoretical.
Electrical induction is ILLEGAL.
Utilities are electrically inducing everything in the entire ecosystem,
What are you going to do about this?